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Dubai Real Estate Market Soars to Unprecedented Heights, Projected to Reach AED400 Billion in 2024

In a monumental stride for Dubai real estate, the city’s property market is on the brink of an extraordinary achievement. Dubai real estate is set to reach an unparalleled milestone with historic figure of AED400 billion ($108.9 billion) in transactions. The remarkable surge signals robust growth and resilience within the Dubai real estate sector, marking a pivotal moment in its history. This achievement attests to the sector’s enduring strength and sets the stage for further milestones in Dubai’s real estate landscape. W Capital, utilizing data from the Dubai Land Department, projects this groundbreaking record, with the current market transaction value already standing at an impressive AED393 billion ($107 billion).

Dubai Real Estate Market: Record-breaking Figures

The surge in market activity is underscored by over 127,000 real estate deals, and with a week remaining in the calendar year, experts anticipate the figure to comfortably surpass the AED400 billion mark. Walid Al Zarooni, CEO of W Capital, emphasized the substantial growth witnessed in 2023 and foresees this momentum carrying into the upcoming year.

Diversified Growth:

Contrary to expectations that the surge would confine itself to the luxury real estate segment, Al Zarooni illuminates a more comprehensive growth trend. The surge extends beyond high-end properties to encompass medium-sized residences, commercial spaces, and hospitality properties, indicating a robust and diversified market.

International Appeal and High Net-Worth Interest:

Driving this remarkable growth is the sustained interest from international investors, drawn to Dubai’s global allure. Additionally, the city continues to attract high-net-worth individuals, contributing to the buoyant demand in the real estate sector.

Dubai Real Estate: 2024 Outlook

Al Zarooni paints a positive picture for the real estate landscape in 2024. Projections predict ongoing investor interest in Dubai’s affordable residential markets, highlighting the emirate’s enduring appeal and promising returns.

Anticipated Trends:

The CEO anticipates several key trends shaping the real estate sector in the coming year. The upcoming year is poised to witness notable shifts in the Dubai real estate landscape. Firstly, there are expectations of increased deal volumes, reflecting a surge in market activity. Moreover, foreseen is a heightened demand for ready-to-go properties, indicating a preference for properties that are immediately available for occupancy. However, amid these opportunities, we anticipate persistent supply constraints, adding a layer of complexity to the market dynamics.

Significantly, a noteworthy trend emerges with the substantial presence of cash buyers, setting them apart from those who rely on mortgage financing. This is particularly crucial as the market braces for potential inflationary pressures and rising interest rates. The resilience of cash buyers in the face of these economic challenges becomes a distinguishing factor, highlighting their distinct advantage in the Dubai real estate landscape. In essence, these emerging trends underscore the evolving nature of the market and the strategic positioning of cash buyers in navigating the complexities ahead.

Factors Driving Growth:

Al Zarooni attributes the positive outlook to Dubai’s esteemed global standing, strategic location, and streamlined procedures. Additionally, he emphasizes the allure of tax exemptions and various other motivating factors. In doing so, he unequivocally affirms the city’s status as an enticing hub for foreign real estate investment.


As the Dubai real estate market prepares to break historical records, the city solidifies its position. It emerges as a global investment hotspot, attracting attention and investment from around the world. The diverse growth across various property segments, combined with sustained international interest, paints a promising picture for 2024. This trend reinforces Dubai’s reputation as a resilient destination and underscores its attractiveness for real estate investment. The city continues to stand out as a compelling hub for global investors seeking lucrative opportunities.


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